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The handgun section at the Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club is made of both competitive and casual shooters. Semi-automatics pistols and revolvers in a variety of calibers are used by members.

Tuesday evenings are open for all handgun shooters to make use of the indoor range (No. 1) and 25m outdoor range (No. 3).

Friday evenings are open to all handgun shooters that wish to participate in Precision Pistol Competition (PPC) on the indoor range (No. 1). Also on Friday evenings the 25m outdoor range (No. 3) is available to all handgun shooters.

Handgun shooters are reminded to always check the club Calendar for updates regarding scheduled practices.

Weekly PPC Scores

PPC scores are updated weekly. CLICK HERE to see the latest results.


  • IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) – IPSC is a dynamic shooting sport where the principles of Accuracy, Speed and Power are balanced in a unique scoring system. IPSC has defined Action Shooting. It requires competitors to shoot fast and accurately, often shooting on the move and developing techniques and styles to shave off fractions of a second between shots, during reloads and drawing from the holster. While we do not currently have any scheduled IPSC practices or matches, there is still a large numbers of IPSC shooters at our club. Match Results
  • Precision Pistol Competition (PPC) – A shooting sport focusing on precision shooting from a variety of stances (standing, kneeling, sitting and prone) at varying distances (3, 7, 15, 25 and 50 yards), including shooting from behind an obstacle. PPC matches are held on Friday evenings. The first Friday of every month is rim fire only, the remaining Fridays for that month is centerfire only. Match Results
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  • Steel Challenge – The Steel Challenge is a speed shooting competition that consists of eight standardized stages with steel targets, ranging in size from 10″ (25 cm) round plates to 18×24″ (45×60 cm) square plates. Competitors are scored solely by the time it takes them to complete each stage, and the match winner is the competitor with the lowest overall time. Match Results
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  • Bullseye practice is held on both the 18m indoor range (No. 1) and 25m outdoor range (No. 3)
  • PPC matches are held on the 18m indoor range (No. 1)
  • Steel Challenge practices are held on the 25m outdoor range (No.3)

Upcoming Events

Handgun Section Night
26 Sep 2023
04:00PM - 10:00PM
Shotgun Section
27 Sep 2023
10:00AM - 04:00PM
Archery Section
27 Sep 2023
04:00PM - 10:00PM
Rifle Night
28 Sep 2023
04:00PM - 10:00PM
Handgun Section Night
29 Sep 2023
04:00PM - 10:00PM
PPC Practice
29 Sep 2023
07:00PM - 08:30PM
AVSSC F-Class Smallbore Rifle Competition
30 Sep 2023
11:00AM - 04:00PM